We are advisors to leaders of cannabis and hemp companies across the nation.

Our clients often come to us during the most critical times for their companies, so we feel a tremendous sense of responsibility to get things right and have an undying commitment to overdeliver. Because these times are so important for their companies, we feel it to be equally important for our company to support them.

Whether we are providing our clients specific services or retained by them throughout their entire process or project, you can be sure that we have partnered with trusted professionals who value our relationship as much as we value yours.

It is our privilege and honor to be trusted and counted on by some of the most respected and accomplished companies in our industry when embarking on initiatives significant in their history and important to their future.














"The Dispensary Doctor"

Nico Nathan

Nico Nathan, is a fifth-generation entrepreneur who enjoys working with businesses to focus on becoming forward-thinking, growth-driven organizations. Nico specializes in strategic planning and change management to address short-comings in leadership, supporting daily operations, enhancing marketing efficiency, increasing brand awareness, and promoting a strong community and industry bond.

He has served many businesses and organizations in various roles, including: CEO, Strategic Advisor, Executive Director, and Independent Consultant. Nico is excited and passionate about the emergence of the Cannabis Industry as a new frontier for business. He has been involved on the national scale since 2007, working toward legalization. He is committed to making sure all of our clients thrive and takes a personal stake in each and every client.

​Shelley Free
Independent Consultant - OKLAHOMA

Shelley Free is a Tulsa, Oklahoma native who first pursued her passion for public service as a Tribal Police Lighthorse Officer, Campus Police Officer, and as a Deputy Sheriff. Shelley attended OSU-Tulsa to pursue a Bachelor of Political Science while she served. During that time, she gained a unique perspective of law & humanity. After a line of duty assault, Shelley ultimately arrived at cannabis treatment options. Realizing that access to cannabis saved her life and the lives of so many around her, she began volunteering with organizations across the state to aid in the legalization of medical cannabis.


Relying on years of public service, she has played a vital role in legislative action, citizen education, and community empowerment for legalization and advancement of the cannabis industry. Shelley uses her networks and platforms to bring about unity and clarity in the ever-changing Oklahoma medical cannabis landscape


Shelley assists us in helping our clients, especially women in the industry, become more engaged in the political process, and to help navigate existing institutional structures more effectively.

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